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Physical Therapy

At Fem Nursing Services, Inc. we consider mobility and physical function to be essential in daily living. However, when an injury or a disability prohibits such, our Physical Therapists will provide the needed treatment. The goal is to enhance mobility and improve musculoskeletal functions for the client.

The therapy usually covers:

  • Developing a Home Exercise Programs for Patient
  • Aerobic Capacity
  • Balance Restoration
  • Chronic Pain Treatment and Management
  • Physical Therapy for Geriatric Patients
  • Fall Risk Reduction
  • Muscle Toning and Coordination
  • Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physical Therapy
  • Arthritis Treatment
  • Aquatic Pool Therapy
  • Lymphedema Management
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Athletic Training or Rehabilitation
  • Gait Training and Stair Exercises
  • Strength Enhancement

To request for physical therapy services, please contact us online. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

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